More Site Visits

The organisers took a stroll around the site earlier today to check out the access and parking options, as well as reviewing some of the river crossings. Glorious weather, hoping for more of the same in a few weeks time!

Entry-on-the-Day Courses Announced!

Following our latest planning meeting last night, we decided to include two entry-on-the-day courses, for anyone who would just like to turn up at the last minute for a run.

The two courses will be pitched at an easy (yellow, ~2km) and intermediate (light-green, ~3.5km) standard, and will not be championship classes – overall numbers permitting, we might be able to throw in a small prize for the winner. We’ll be charging normal orienteering prices for these courses – €8 for adult, €5 for juniors, etc..

We’d also like to remind any prospective attendees- you don’t have to enter the course designated for your specified age class – if you find that level too difficult, you are always permitted to run (non-competitively) on an easier course. Just be aware that if you do so, you’d be ineligible for prizes or titles, but you could still enjoy a run on our fabulous terrain.

Embargo Area

The following area is under embargo while final competition preparations are being made (Its also the area for an active gun club, as well as a portion of the Glen of Imaal range, so probably best stay out anyways)

Welcome to LOC2019

The site is now open to the public – hopefully you’ll find all the information here that you need to know about the event. If you see anything wrong, or if you want any further details, just contact us at, or at the usual CNOC places like Facebook.